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Default 1983 ProCraft Fishing Boat 4 Sale $2000.00


I am selling my 1983 Fish & Ski that is primarily "fish". This boat has served me well for nineteen years, and was purchased from my friend, also original owner.
The engine has been acting up this past year and I just cannot find the solution. Everything imaginable has been attempted, but it just won't hold pressure on the hole shot. We wired a button that sits on the floor, like an old school car headlight dim switch. This if finessed just right, provides enough choke to right the motor and she will go. It's easier than reaching for the key choke, which is still functional. Top speed is around 34 mph once she gets going, but as I said, it's a gentle dance to get everything perfect coming out of the hole. It may shut off a few times, but will fire right back up for another attempt. The motor is a Mercury inline 6cyl, 115 hp two stroke.
The boat is 17.5 ft long. I have several pictures I'll post below and everything in all the pics is included in the purchase.
Tires and wheels and bearings are all brand new on trailer. Graphs are maybe two years old. Lowrance elite 9 TI bow and console.
All batteries are good, as well as the trolling motor.
Freshly wet sanded above rub rail to help with is almost 39 years old. The trailer is sanded, primed and me, not professional but looks very good. Trailer jack is new and all lights work as they should.
I have pulled the trigger on a new boat and simply need this out of the way.
Please take a look and let me know what questions you have and I will explain anything I can the best possible way. Thank you for looking.
Well, it looks like I need to resize all but one of the pics. Give me a bit and I'll update asap.
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