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lupanfreitag 03-17-2021 09:32 AM

Oh bc
Had one of my best days ever on the Cumberland yesterday.
Water was 49.5 degrees in main river and up to 54 in the shallow creeks.
Fishing for cats started @ 6AM and pulled out @ noon.
Caught all my fish between 6:30-9:30.
Channel Cats
1- 6lbs

Blue Cats
4- under 12 lbs but above 5lbs

Epic day, perfect flow (29.5k CFS)

If I had not run out of bait, I would not have left. Bait was scarce. I looked for over three hours.

Good luck. Monsters due exist....

Halli 03-19-2021 05:57 AM

Great day indeed.

What bait Skip or threadfin?

lupanfreitag 03-19-2021 02:05 PM

Since out I went to Spencer creek with cast net for gizzard and first thrown 2 skipjack. Score. I did end pu catchign 6 gizzard. Going again tomorrow. Fish on Sunday.

Good luck

fairweatherfisherman 03-19-2021 03:29 PM

Nice report. Good to hear itís on.

lupanfreitag 03-22-2021 09:34 AM

BC Continues
Went yesterday afternoon. Bigguns still biting. As the temps roller coaster everything is on the edge of springing.... Bring it on.

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