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Been catching them in 20-25 ft. Can see a bunch around the structure but once you catch 1 or 2 they shutdown. I have tried changing colors, turning my graphs off. It is like they know I am there. 2 weeks ago I was catching the biggest crappie I have ever caught on old hickory 14-16.5 inch crappie. Had 2 days when I had 5 fish over 2 lbs each. Went yesterday and probably caught 50 and had one 15 inch keeper, bet I caught 30 that were 3-5 inches long so that is good for the future. Crappie magnet, 1/8 oz head. I can't get them to bite unless I have a crappie nibble on. I don't fish for them shallow, but have some buddies who do and they have not caught any to speak of yet.
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