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Originally Posted by culprit7.5 View Post
Man, that's great. I swear, for the psychological part of fishing, you've got to be sitting a little taller in the saddle with that new ride. Just like anything new, kinda gives a different attitude / focus. Nice fish you guys caught though, and I suspect we'll see more from you as the summer goes on.

I bought this boat so that my family and I could enjoy the lake even more. As much as I loved my old boat, it just wasnít very enjoyable with them on it. It was just too small. But, as far as confidence goes, I just started gaining that back. A few weeks ago I fished a tournament out of a friends boat and we won with 18lbs. That was a real big booster. Each time Iíve been out since then and actually tried to catch a big one itís happened. But only one. I canít dial a big fish pattern.

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