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Default Priest hybrids

Really struggled this year. For a few weeks barely caught any, many trips without even a "sniff" from a hybrid. Actually, first year in my 10 or so years of fishing for hybrids I only have not had a good trip in Old Hickory Cove but I have not caught a hybrid there. Not one.

It worked out though, I put close to 100 crappie in the freezer since I couldn't find or catch any hybrids and have had a few great days catching bass, 1/4 oz silver tennessee shad rat-l-trap, mud flat, caught a bunch like I used to do every year. Haven't done that in years because I am usually catching at least some hybrids.

Last 2 weeks, have been as good as I have seen in a couple years. Had a few good trips and carried my cousin recently, in 4 hours we caught over 40 hybrids and they averaged about 7 lbs. We had several 9's that trip. Had a few trips recently, for 30 to 45 minutes I either get a hit or catch a hybrid on most every cast. Sometimes fishing from the bank is the way to go with some of the wind we are having.

Bigger fish seem to be better this year for sure. 6 fish over 10 lbs so far, 2 being right at 12 lbs. Topwater bite started up and has been great. Cork and fluke still is the best but have caught them well on pro sizzle jr and jumpin minnow also. A few on a redfin.

It is getting better everyday. They are on many spots I fish from the Hobson Pike bridge to the dam and I have caught them on several places that I have not caught hybrids at in several years and some I have never fished before.
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