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FishAddict 05-17-2020 12:19 PM

Old Hickory Crappie?
I finally had a chance to get out yesterday and I'm perplexed. Has anyone found the crappie bunched up? I caught one dark male, alone, and talked to a spider rigger who had caught a few in around 15', and he said the females he had caught were still full of eggs. Water temps were on the cool side, 63 degrees early, and up to 65 when we got off. This is the second head scratching season in a row for me, I caught a normal amount of fish in Jan and Feb, but still haven't caught shallow or spawning fish......

rod007 05-18-2020 04:07 PM

Been catching them in 20-25 ft. Can see a bunch around the structure but once you catch 1 or 2 they shutdown. I have tried changing colors, turning my graphs off. It is like they know I am there. 2 weeks ago I was catching the biggest crappie I have ever caught on old hickory 14-16.5 inch crappie. Had 2 days when I had 5 fish over 2 lbs each. Went yesterday and probably caught 50 and had one 15 inch keeper, bet I caught 30 that were 3-5 inches long so that is good for the future. Crappie magnet, 1/8 oz head. I can't get them to bite unless I have a crappie nibble on. I don't fish for them shallow, but have some buddies who do and they have not caught any to speak of yet.

FishAddict 05-20-2020 06:30 PM

Thanks Rod, If I can make any sense of what is going on I'll post it.

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