View Full Version : Academy fishing sale

02-27-2014, 09:46 PM
If anyone likes seaguar line Academy has it the Invizx Fluorocarbon on sale for 9.99 a spool ( 200 yards ). It is usually 20 bucks a spool. I picked some up for G'ville this weekend along with some spider wire braid on clearance for 5 dollars a spool. All Zoom soft plastics are 25% off.

02-27-2014, 11:40 PM
Dang some good deals on braid and fluro. I need some 65 pound braid and some 14 pound fluro. I guess I will go soon.

02-28-2014, 09:09 AM
I'll have to check see if Academy has opened up here yet, though they may not be running the same sale being new. :)