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09-14-2013, 04:35 PM
Just putting my feelers out. I just pulled a box out of storage with a bunch of vintage reels. Most still work great. Various mostly Cardinals and Mitchell. Here is a list if any is interested.
I have only posted the ones that are still in good working order.I am also open to trades for anything kayak related. Scotty mounts,rod holders,gear tracks,depth finders. pretty much anything. just let me know what you have. (can be reached at gotcichlids@gmail.com)

these are all vintage
Mitchell 300A $12.00
Mitchell 300Pro $50
Quantam GreatWhite GW20 $25
cardinal4 special (C4) $50
Cardinal C4x $100
mitchell 300x $30
Cardinal Bronco4 $10
Cardinal SS3 strikeset $15
Garcia 9800 $25
Cardinal C5 (rare) $150
michell 301 $10