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Reel Tune
08-21-2013, 12:55 AM
I went through one of my rod racks without reels and found a few rods I'm not using. I'm not interested in shipping unless you're paying for it.

Shimano Cumara CUC70M 7' 8-15lb 1/4-5/8oz med fast $125
Shimano Cumara CUC-68M 6'8" 6-12lb 1/4-1/2oz med fast $125
Shimano Cumara CUC-74H 7'4" 12-25lb 1/2- 1 1/2oz heavy act $125
Falcon Bucoo BCC-5-17 7' 12-20lb 1/4-3/4oz med hvy act $65
(2) Shimano Cumara CUS-D72ML 7'2"ML 4-8lb 1/16-1/4oz $125ea
Quantum QTS663F 6'6" ML 6-10lb 1/8-3/8oz $60
Temple Fork Outfitters TFO GWS 702-1 7' L 4-8lb 1/16-1/4oz $50
Powell 765SRB MED HVY 10-20lb 3/8-3oz swimbaits and wakebaits $85 (approx 1" of the tip was broke off, I reused the tip top)
Falcon Bucoo BCC-4-166 6'6" 8-17lb 1/4-1/2oz med act $60 SOLD
Abu Garcia Veritas VRC70-5 7' 8-17lb 1/4-5/8oz med act $55 SOLD
Abu Garcia Veritas VRS66-6 6'6" 8-14lb 1/4-3/4oz med hvy $55 SOLD
Abu Garcia Veritas VRS66-6 6'6" 8-14lb 1/4-3/4oz med hvy $55 SOLD
BPS Carbonlite CLM76MHTF 3/8-1 1/2 oz med hvy $55 SOLD

Reel Tune
09-11-2013, 04:49 PM
List updated. After I sale two more, I'll throw a couple others on the list.

Reel Tune
09-17-2013, 06:32 AM
There is nothing wrong with these rods, they are lightly used and in great working order. They are always kept with rod socks on them.

Reel Tune
09-30-2013, 01:17 PM
5 Rods added today 09/30/13.