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08-03-2013, 05:36 PM
Hey guys,

I decided to downsize my fishing tackle. I realized that there was alot of things that I had, that I simply never use and was just taking up space. Now I admit, once I started going through it all, it was tough to decide what goes and what stays. My mind would start telling me, that this bait might be good in this situation and this would good in that situation..blah blah. So I told myself, if I haven't touched it in two years or more, its going! The money will be saved to go towards a new fish finder with gps mapping. The one I have now is an old portable Eagle fishfinder that runs on 6 volt batteries that was probably made in the late 80's, early 90's.

Hopefully I'm being reasonable on the prices. The majority of the baits are $2, unless noted. You may pick and choose what you'd like or if you want to make a package deal, just send me a pm with an offer. I'll be happy to meet you somewhere in the nashville area or arrange some kind of shipping if prefered.

Many thanks,

08-03-2013, 05:37 PM
Creature Baits Sold
Yum Wooly Bug: watermelon Red
Yum Wooly Beaver: green pumpkin (2 bags), Junebug (3 bags), Black Neon (1 bag)
Zoom Brush Hog : Green pumpkin, Watermelon Red, Junebug
Zoom Baby Brush Hog: Green pumpkin, Watermelon Red, Watermelon Seed
Gene Larew Biffle Bug :Sooner Run
Stick Baits
5” Kinami Flash : Chart. Shad (2 bags)
5” Yamasenko :Green Pumpkin/watermelon $1 Sold
Lake Fork Ring Fry :watermelon/chart./pepper $1
Lake Fork Baby Ring Fry: Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Chart. $1
Trailers Sold
Zoom Pro Chunk (most have extra in each bag): Green Pumpkin (2 bags), Sapphire Blue (3 bags), Black/Red, Black/Blue
Zoom Small Chunk :Watermelon seed, Brown, Green Pumpkin, Pumpkin $1
Yum Chunk :Blue Fleck ($1)
Zoom Finesse Worm :Plum, Margarita, Junebug, Lemon Pumpkin, Cotton Candy, Green Pumpkin Sold, Green Pumpkin Chart.
Zoom Mag Lizard: Junebug Red (2 bags), Watermelon Candy, Pumpkin Chart.
Zoom Ol’ Monster: Junebug Red, Plum, Watermelon Candy, Red Bug
Zoom Mag II worm: Pumpkin Chart. (2 bags) $1 each
Zoom Trick Worm : Black ($1)
Berkley Power Worm: Red Shad $1
Strike King Rage Tail Anaconda: Plum
Net Bait 11” C-Mac : Plum
Luck E Strike Original Ringer worm: Plum
Luck E Strike Baby Huey: Watermelon Candy
6” Culprit Worm: Electric Blue
Miscellaneous Sold
BPS tournament series grubs (50 cents each)
o 4” blue shad, 4” white, 3” Lime/Chart. Tail, 3” bubblegum, 3” chart. Sparkle
Berkley Havoc Craw Fatty: Green Pumpkin, Okochobee Craw ($1)
Berkley Havoc Smash Tube: Norm Blue ($1)
Berkley Havoc Subwoofer: Pearl white/silver flake ($1)
Slider Worm : Motoroil/orange tail (50 cents)
Kalin’s 3” Scrub grub: White, Green Pumpkin (50 cents)
4” Gary Yamamoto Dropshot worm: Brown/purple laminate (50 cents)
Chompers 4” dropshot worm (50 cents) –plum
Luck E Strike Shakey Tail Ringworm: Red/Black Core ($1)
Gene Larew 3.5” Long John Minnow: Clear Silver (50 cents)
5” Luck E Strike Bass Magic Swimbait ($2 for pack of 10)
o Sexy Shad

08-03-2013, 06:25 PM
Rapalas (all $2)
http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z431/jameyer2008/Fishing%20Lures/2013-07-28001016.jpg Sold

Crankbaits (all $2, except BPS models are 50 cents)


http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z431/jameyer2008/Fishing%20Lures/2013-07-28001014.jpg Sold


Jerkbaits ($8 Luckycraft, rest $2)

Lipless Crankbaits ($2 each, $1 on worn ones)
http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z431/jameyer2008/Fishing%20Lures/2013-07-28001018.jpg Red Strike Kings Sold

Spro BBZ-1 2 1/2" Shad ($5)
http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z431/jameyer2008/Fishing%20Lures/2013-07-28001011.jpg Sold

08-03-2013, 06:30 PM
$2 each


These spinnerbaits' paints are pretty chipped, but I figure some of you may like to just put a new coat of paint on yourselves. 50 cents each.

http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z431/jameyer2008/Fishing%20Lures/2013-07-28001005.jpg Sold

08-03-2013, 06:38 PM
Think Tank Triggerfish- $10, still in package. Don't have right gear to use it, one of those impulse buys :)

Spooks and other walk baits- $2 Sold

Buzzbaits-$2 (50 cent for the skirtless one)

Poppers and other- $2 ($8 for the LC Rick Clun 1.5 wakebait)

08-03-2013, 06:44 PM
All of the jigs are either Strike King Pro Model jigs or Premiere Pro Model.

3/8 oz: http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z431/jameyer2008/Fishing%20Lures/2013-07-28001020.jpg Sold

1/2 oz: http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z431/jameyer2008/Fishing%20Lures/2013-08-03001001.jpg Sold

3/4 oz: http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z431/jameyer2008/Fishing%20Lures/2013-07-28001019.jpg Sold

Pure Poison Warhead Jig: $4 each, has a fall rate of 1' every 5 seconds. I thought I'd have the paitence for this bait, guess not!

08-03-2013, 06:48 PM
Jigging Spoons- I'll let the set go for $15 Sold

Light Tackle lures- $5 for box with everything in it. Sold

08-03-2013, 07:03 PM
Rods: Hi-Tech Impact Pro Stx, 6' spinning medium- $10
BPS Mega Tournament Spinning 7' Med-Hev; $10
BPS XPS Performance Graphite casting 7' Med-Hev- $30

Spinning Reel: Fin-Nor Ultra-Quest- $15

Soft BPS XPS tackle box: 11" Wide x 24" Long x 16" Tall, LOTS of storage- $25

http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z431/jameyer2008/Fishing%20Lures/2013-07-28001024.jpg (plastic tray not included, just for demo)


Spinnerbait box- $2

Free items:
Culling clips

Spool of 14 lb. Sufix Siege Clear. (330 yard spool, probably 200 yards left on it)

Box of 1 oz. Bank Sinkers (6 count) Gone

08-04-2013, 09:29 AM
The Rapalas, Jigs, and Spooks are on hold for an interested member.

08-04-2013, 02:14 PM
Box of light tackle lures has been sold.

08-05-2013, 10:58 AM
Are the jigging spoons still for sale?

Transplanted Sportsman
08-05-2013, 02:07 PM
I would take the bandits if still for sale!!!, pm me please, thank you!!

08-05-2013, 02:14 PM
How many strike king crankbaits in that pile? I may want to buy a few.

08-05-2013, 02:40 PM
How many strike king crankbaits in that pile? I may want to buy a few.

I have four deep diver Strike King cranks and one 1.5 square bill crank. The deep divers are in the second picture under crankbaits and the squarebill is in bottom left of the fourth picture.

08-05-2013, 02:41 PM
The jigging spoons and the bandits have been sold.

08-07-2013, 05:47 PM
The Plastic creature baits, trailers, and miscellaneous have been sold.

08-08-2013, 03:18 PM
The Rapalas, Jigs, and Spooks have been sold.

08-14-2013, 09:20 AM
Thanks for the soft plastics Jamie. Haven't sorted that huge bag yet but I will by this weekend! Hows the fishfinder comin along?

08-16-2013, 03:41 PM
Thanks for the soft plastics Jamie. Haven't sorted that huge bag yet but I will by this weekend! Hows the fishfinder comin along?

No problem! Hope you enjoy them. It was nice to meet you last sunday! Just doing research on the fishfinder. It probably won't be until the holidays when I get one. Hoping there will be a good deal around then.