View Full Version : Anyone interested in a 2001 Bass Tracker?

12-08-2012, 12:22 PM
Gallatin/Hendersonville area.

I have a 2001 Bass Tracker Pro Crappie 175 with a 25hp sitting in my garage and I think it is finally time to sell it. I parked it a couple of yeas ago after my son was born and life got in the way and took my motivation and time to use or sell. The boat has been perfect for OHL/GSP/DHL the Lower Caney and Obey without generation and the entire Caney and Obey during generation.

I need new waders and a Mini van more than I need a garage ornament reminding me how much I love to boat and no time to do it. My wife thinks it's a good idea too.


PM me and I will get you all of the details.

Travis C.
12-08-2012, 12:50 PM
So can I trade ya some wader's for it? :D

12-08-2012, 05:01 PM
I have some new lightweight waders and wading shoes I can trade......lol On the bright side you should be able to sell that boat without problem.

12-08-2012, 07:56 PM
So can I trade ya some wader's for it? :D

and some BOOT$$$ Travis.:cool:

Travis C.
12-08-2012, 08:29 PM
and some BOOT$$$ Travis.:cool:


You shouldn't have a problem getting rid of it.

12-09-2012, 04:23 PM
Pictures are up. See my original post. I have more and can get even more.

02-15-2013, 07:54 PM
Is the boat still available? PM me please. thank you.

02-18-2013, 10:22 AM
Nice looking boat, sold yet?