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rick mcferrin
04-08-2011, 03:53 AM
Tim's Ford 4-7-2011
I had a couple cancellations the first part of the week due to the storm but yesterday David Honey and I scouted out a lot of water. We ran more yesterday than we would in 5 or 6 trips combined looking for other areas that will produce numbers and quality of fish. And the results are what you see above other than one "BIGGGG!!! Smallmouth that David had on, jumped a couple times and away she went. Water temps still in the mid to low 50's with good color and almost to pool. Terminator Spinner Bait www.terminatorlures.com (http://www.terminatorlures.com/) with a Prowler Grub Trailer www.prowlerlures.com (http://www.prowlerlures.com/) and a 1/8ounce jig head and Prowler grub did all the damaged what little bite there was. Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com (http://www.tennesseebassguides.com)